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When it comes to Darwin transport companies, why settle for second-best? With our freight management services, you could be getting:

  • A saving on my freight spend
  • A more reliable service and supply chain
  • Better reporting for systems and data for your freight
  • A new, more streamlined freight arrangement
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End to end freight services and logistics in Darwin NT

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Darwin freight management services

A reliable freight company is key to your success. If your goods aren’t getting to their destination on time, on budget and in good condition, you will be losing customers and clout faster than you can say “freight”. And with many areas and clients in Darwin and the Northern Territory being so remote, it can be difficult — not to mention costly — to try to transport your goods. A lot of stuff can get lost in between, which only creates more headaches. Lucky for you, there is a solution! With us, no client is inaccessible. We have spent the last 30 years building up a strong network of local trusted transport services that know the ins and outs of the best lanes in the NT. That way, wherever you need to transport your goods in Darwin or the NT, we can find the best way to get them there. With this wide range of transport services that work with us, we can also pick out the best carriers for your individual needs. Whether you prioritise price, speed, or want to go with a higher-quality transporter, we can find the right fit for you. Our clients typically send their goods interstate to various warehouses across the country, but we are able to accommodate your business’ needs and develop a freight solution in Darwin that works best for you.< /p>

One of Australia’s leading freight services

We’ve been in the business long enough — we know exactly how to handle your Darwin transport. We move large amounts of freight across Darwin, NT and Australia every single day, meaning that we are able to secure lower fees than if you organised the services yourself. This makes us a cost-neutral option for many of our clients and, with the added benefits of us managing all of your freight for you and always being on call to handle any issues, you will start to see the value almost immediately. The people at Freight Broker Australia are what really makes us special. Our Darwin team is well-versed in the world of freight and are constantly working to assess your supply chain, looking for any areas that can be improved. With a commitment to providing the best service to all our clients, you can be sure that you are in capable hands.

Where transport and tech come together

We are a technology-driven company and use the latest innovations in the freight industry to supply you with the best services in Darwin, NT. Our portal is a one-stop shop for all of your freight needs. You can see (and nominate or veto) all carriers and lanes that are being used for your goods, and will be the first to receive any updates if a better option comes up. All of your logistics, analytics and invoices are displayed and managed through our system, meaning it has never been simpler to transport freight in Darwin!


We offer a wide range of services, including: :

Complete Freight Management of your supply chain

Extensive relationships with the best transport companies Darwin and the NT have to offer

Negotiations with preferred Darwin/NT freight services to get you the best deal

Leading Freight Management System to give you more control

Cutting edge Freight Management System integrated with most Darwin transport services

Extensive experience with all common Australian and NT transport lanes, getting you better access and quicker delivery to your clients


We’ve seen an increase in medical freight needing to be transported to Darwin and the Northern Territory in general. Call us today to see how we can save you costs on shipping medical supplies and improve your freight transport services.


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