Healthcare Logistics

Freight Broker Australia provides safe and secure Healthcare logistics and transport management services

Freight Broker Australia have been delivering expert freight broker transportation services for over 30 years. We are one of Australia’s top freight companies, working with established freight carriers.

We work across many industries, with a specific focus on healthcare logistics and dangerous goods transportation. Our healthcare company customers have specific healthcare logistics requirements, including an increased focus on safe and secure transportation methods. As a result, the solutions we propose to our healthcare customers can be quite specific, using specialised carriers across our network.


Specialised Healthcare Logistics requirements

Some of the unique requirements of healthcare logistics include;

Real time track and trace capabilities of goods within your supply chain

GPS tracking on high value products

SMS despatch and delivery capabilities

Extensive freight reporting including heat maps of delivery locations

Premium freight carriers, with ability to pick up and deliver anytime of day / night

Safety and procedures extremely important in freight carrier selection


Healthcare Logistics Customers

Some of the healthcare customers of ours include;

Medical devices manufacturer

Medical equipment distributor

Human product distributor

Hospital grade packaging manufacturer

Hospital products supplier

An example of one of our Healthcare logistics customers is a niche healthcare company. This company has a requirement to send highly sensitive products to remote locations on a very ad hoc basis. They require complete visibility of their products throughout the supply chain.  As a result, the solution we have put in place for this customer, includes a premium freight service, with the ability to provide real time track and trace through our Freight Management System, as well as provide SMS and email notifications. Freight Broker Australia monitors the movement of these goods, and we have the ability to proactively intervene if there is any indication the goods will not reach their destination by the ETA.

As a Healthcare transport provider, we are committed to providing our healthcare company customers a complete freight solution that meets their unique transport requirements. We work with our network of freight providers and transport companies to develop the best freight solution, with a strong focus on technology and high KPI’s. Call us today on 1800 621 036 to discuss your requirements and how we can help you with your freight management