Interstate Pallet Transport In Australia

If you own a freight-based business in Australia, you know how much trouble it can be to load up items, find the proper freight broker for them, ensure that they don’t get damaged in the process and do all of these without spending an arm and a leg.

Certain types of products, such as food items, home appliances, furniture or timber, can be risky or expensive to ship long distances by traditional means. All of these items, however, are perfectly suited for interstate pallet freight.

What is Pallet Freight?

Pallet freight simply means product shipments sent on pallets (i.e. flat wooden structures that heavy goods are put onto so that they can be moved using a fork-lift truck). 

Pallets are a versatile packaging tool, able to hold items big and small, fragile and sturdy. Pallets are easy to load, stack and move, making them an ideal transport option for goods of all varieties. If you already store your products on pallets and are just looking for a freight carrier to ship them, then your job is even simpler! 

Here’s what to consider if you are sending pallet transport interstate:

  1. What is the amount of goods you need to ship? It’s possible to send as little as one loaded pallet of freight or as much as several fully loaded trucks full. Because pallets take up little space when stacked, your space can be maximised during your shipping process.

  2. Are your items fragile? Then pallets may be a great option for you. They can be lifted by forklift, which keeps them level during transport. Pallets can also be wrapped up tightly to protect the goods they contain, and stacked pallets keep items even more secure.  

  3. Do you have limited funds? Typically, pallet freight is a less expensive option than other types of freight, since it uses less truck space. But just to make sure, we are happy to provide you with a pallet freight quote for your required shipping service.

What type of pallets are available?

Australian pallets come in a range of materials, colours and sizes, depending on your needs and budget. It pays to know which type of pallets are available so that you can be well informed when planning your interstate pallet transport.

Here are the three most common types of pallets used for interstate pallet transport:

  1. Australian Standard Pallets– brown, wood, 2-way 

  2. CHEP Pallets– blue, wood or plastic, 4-way 

  3. Loscam Pallets– red, wood, 2 or 4-way

Plastic pallets are typically sturdier than wood, but also heavier and more expensive. 2 versus 4-way refers to the amount of forklift entry points available on the pallet. We recommend you consult with a professional freight broker to determine which option is best for your interstate pallet freight. 

Where can we send your pallets?

Freight People partners with freight brokers all over Australia to ship your goods wherever you need them, both regionally and within the country’s major hubs. Whether you are looking to send something from Melbourne to rural Victoria, or from Geelong all the way to Perth, we have options suitable for your product transport needs. 

Call us today at 1800 621 036 to enquire about pallet freight for your business.