4 Tips to Help Turn Your Company into an Online Business

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Lots of businesses have been struggling to get sales since the coronavirus landed on Australian soil. Significant proportions of your previous client base are now staying at home so they can stay safe. Turning your company into an e-commerce business is one of the best ways to increase your sales right now. With e-commerce or online business you can still reach all of your previous customers even though they are safely locked up at home. Here are a few practical tips to help you turn your business into a successful online company.

1. Find a Good Freight Company to Handle Deliveries

One of the most challenging parts of running an online business is getting your goods delivered across the country. Online buyers are lenient when it comes to delivery dates but they are not very open-minded when shipments are delayed. 

With a good freight broker, your company can reach new heights because your market reach will spread from local to across the country and everything from freight arrangements to cargo management will be handled for you without your business lifting an extra finger.

2. Invest In a Good Quality E-Commerce Store

An online store is an absolute must if you are planning on selling anything virtually. The key here is to invest in an e-commerce store that is easy to manage and user friendly to buyers. 

Your hosting package should be generous enough to allow customers to browse your site without any delayed browsing. The website’s design should be visually pleasing and organised so the customer can find what they are looking for without any delays and the checkout system should be very easy to use. 

Today there are many virtual platforms that allow you to make and run your own website. But even these platforms are very challenging to work with and getting a well-structured and appealing website all set up can be very time-consuming. For many companies, it is much better to simply hire a professional website designer and manager than it is to struggle on your own.

With a great virtual store, you can still supply your products to all of your trusted clients as well as new clients in far off destinations. 

3. Run an Aggressive Marketing Campaign

None of your buyers will know that you are now selling online unless you tell them. The first thing you can do is to inform all of your current customers that you are now selling online through an email campaign. Next, you can promote on all of your social media sites to lure more traffic to your new website and get more sales. 

If you are not quite sure about the right steps to take for digital marketing then you should consider hiring a virtual assistant to take care of this part of your business for you. Digital marketing can be quite time consuming and it can be challenging to get your website ranking up so more potential buyers will find your company. 

 4. Measure Your Online Success

It is important to keep measuring your success as you regain popularity. With proper analytics, you will know whether your virtual marketing strategies are successful or not. It also becomes hard to see just how successful the online segment of your company is compared to physical sales. When you pay close attention to the data it becomes much easier to make the right business decisions.

Taking to the internet can be a great way to secure your business in these tough times. The best part about going virtual is that you will become a much stronger business when the economy starts to rise because you will already have a solid digital presence as well as many new trusted customers.

If you want to make a start today, contact Freightbroker Australia for more advice on partnering with a leading freight management company.