7 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Shipping Cost


During these tough times, most businesses are looking for the best ways to cut costs so they can survive. The Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on businesses all over the world. A great many companies had to close their doors due to some of the restrictions that were put in place.

If your company managed to survive this long then you can probably do with an extra few tips to help you cut back costs while trying to reach your customers or to help you maintain consistent deliveries down your supply chain. Here are a few tips to help you reduce your shipping costs in no time at all.

1. Switch Over To a Larger Freight Company

Larger freight companies usually offer the best rates because they have various elements counting in their favour. Good examples are more connections, a wider reach throughout the country, more connections with warehouses and other modes of transportation, and a much bigger client base. All of these elements are tremendously helpful for bringing down the cost of getting goods shipped from one destination to another to a bare minimum. 

If you are still handling your own shipping or if your freight broker isn’t offering you the best fees then it is time to consider Freight Broker Australia, the countries’ leading freight broker agency.

2. Leverage Modern Tech

If you are shipping lots of packages to customers every week, then you should try a web application that automates your processes. If you are still using excel to keep track of your client info then stop immediately and upgrade. Modern technology that helps you manage your shipping accounts, labels and tracking can be very handy for keeping track of your parcels. Automating your processes can save you a lot of time that you can use for marketing.

3. Automated Client Tracking

If you find yourself constantly calling clients to confirm that their shipments are still safe and sound then it is time to get automated client tracking. With these software systems, clients can log on themselves to see when and where their parcels are heading. If you use a leading freight company you should, of course, already have access to this advantage.

4. Consider All Modes of Transportation

Contact your freight broker and hear about alternative modes of transportation. There might just be a way to get your goods shipped down your supply chain at a much more affordable price. Good examples are rail freight or air freight that could be much faster.

5. Settle For Longer Delivery Times

Express deliveries always cost more and most customers are happy to wait a little bit longer for their products as long as they do eventually receive their goods. By settling for longer delivery times you could save a lot of money on your shipping costs.

6. Ship All Your Cargo At Once

Many companies are willing to give discounted rates for larger shipments. It is better to wait a bit for larger orders and to get everything shipped at the same time than it is to send out goods every single day.

7. Offer Bulk Deals

Another good way to cut back on shipping costs is by offering clients good discounted rates on bulk deals. A buyer who normally only purchased about 100 items every month may now buy 200 items every second month. This could earn you quite a few discounted rates with your freight broker.

And if you feel that these strategies are still not enough then you can always give a reputable freight broker a call to find out about other functional ways to help you keep shipping costs at a bare minimum.