7 Warning Signs of an Insufficient Freight Broker

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So, Is your freight broker really worth its salt?

 This can be a hard question to answer because you cannot know what you are missing if you haven’t experienced the service of a top-rated freight broker just yet. There are just too many businesses out there who deal with terrible freight services just because they have no idea that there is something better within their reach.

 Here are the top warning signs that prove that your freight broker isn’t as adequate as they should be.

1. Late Deliveries

It is only natural to experience some shipment delays at one point or another. Accidents and unexpected things happen all the time that could leave a carrier in a tight situation. If your deliveries, however, are reaching their end destination late time and time again then it might be time to switch over to a better freight service that can fulfil their promises.

2. Lost Freight

In our modern day with lots of advanced software, tracking systems and revolutionised freight methods the chances of lost freight has been somewhat diminished. If you send something via freight broker it should reach its end destination, as they manage their freight carriers performance with KPI’s and can ensure you receive strong performance. If not, then it might be best to choose someone with better security systems in place.

3. Damaged Products

Roads can be pretty bumpy and damaged products are all too common. This can have a huge impact on how your customers view you as a business and the fault mostly lie with the carriers the freight broker uses to get your products delivered. Inexperienced and smaller carriers may not pay much attention to handling instructions of your cargo. They over stack trucks, handle items rough and turn packages upside down in order to fit as much product into their shipments as possible. If your products are arriving damaged then it might be time to look for a better freight broker.

4. No Insurance

This is probably the biggest warning signs of them all. A freight broker that doesn’t offer the option of insurance on your products isn’t a freight broker at all. At Freight Broker Australia each and every product we take into our care can be fully insured the moment it leaves your hands. Should something bad happen on the road you can be fully compensated for your loss (if you choose to take up our insurance).

5. They Cannot Handle Your Specific Freight

Not all freight brokers are equipped to handle freight such as dangerous goods, gases or particularly heavy products. If you suspect that your freight broker is inexperienced in handling these sensitive items then it is best to seek out a different freight broker. You just don’t want to risk the lives of the public when you are transporting products.

6. You Never Know Where Your Goods Are

The use of modern cloud-based freight software enables advanced freight companies like Freight Broker Australia to instantly inform you of the exact whereabouts of your products at all times. No one likes to guess when their products will be delivered or make lots of phone calls to locate their shipments. It just takes too much time and is too stressful. Switch over to a modern freight broker so you will always know where your products are.

7. You Pay Too Much

Lots of freight companies charge standard rates and this can have a huge impact on how much you spend on transportation. If your freight broker charges for more than what you use then it is time to switch. Look for a company that offers tailor freight solutions so you can get all of your transportation needs met without having to spend on services you don’t use.


Did you notice any of these warning signs in your present freight broker? Then we invite you to give Freight Broker Australia a try. We cannot wait to show you what the services of a good freight broker is truly meant to be.