8 Carrier Issues You Avoid By Using Freight Broker Australia


When you are looking for ways to get your products down your supply chain there are quite a few options you can consider.  You can buy your own truck and do your own deliveries or you can hire a local carrier to take care of your deliveries for you.  But using a freight broker is the best possible thing you can do because you avoid plenty of carrier issues when you use a professional to handle your cargo for you.

Here are 8 carrier issues you won’t have to deal with when you use a good freight broker like Freight Broker Australia.

Unavailable Carriers

If you arrange your own carriers you will quickly find that truckers might be unavailable to handle your packages when you need them to be delivered.  Small carriers just don’t have the labour force and cannot be available for pickups at any given moment. At our freight company, we have a huge network with plenty of carriers who deliver all over Australia which means we will have a carrier available for you no matter what.

Expensive Delivery Rates

Individual carriers are often very expensive.  This is because they are not part of a huge integrated transportation system and sometimes they just don’t have enough cargo to make the trip worth their while.  Large freight companies use plenty of techniques such as backloading or shipment merging in order to get the lowest possible rates.


If you use your own trucks then breakdowns can be a pretty serious headache when you have a promise to keep with your customers and delivery dates to make.

No Insurance

Plenty of carriers offer insanely affordable delivery rates because they skip out on one very important part of being a professional carrier – cargo insurance.  If your carrier has cargo insurance you will receive compensation for a lost shipment. If your carrier doesn’t have insurance, you will lose that shipment and money.  At Freight Brokers Australia we only use the best carriers and we even take out additional insurance on all of our cargo in order to secure your cargo.

Unsuitable Carriers

Do you have fragile products? Or are you perhaps delivering produce or food products down your supply chain? Some carriers are just not suitable to handle your specific cargo if cooling facilities are required.  Freight Brokers Australia has a very vast network of carriers and they come in all shapes, sizes, and types which mean we are bound to find a carrier that is suitable for your loads.

Plenty of Bills

If you use a wide range of carriers you end up paying lots of bills to various companies.  It can be hard to keep track of your delivery cost when you don’t know exactly what you are paying for the entire shipment or if you are dishing out cash for different carriers for different shipments.  Who knows, you could be paying some carriers twice for the same shipment. Freight brokers handle all of these additional expenses for you and give you a consistent rate for your cargo. It makes it much easier to handle payments and to keep track of your transportation expenses.

Lost Packages

If you use inexperienced carriers there is always a chance that your products might be lost, might be dropped off at a wrong location or might be stolen.  A good freight company knows exactly how to keep track of your cargo and will ensure that your goods reach their destination intact.

No Tracking Services

Don’t you just hate it when one of your customers call about the whereabouts of your package and you have absolutely no idea where the cargo might be?  If you do know this scenario then you are definitely not using a freight broker because we give you constant updates and tracking on all of your goods in transition.


It is clear that using individual carriers or getting your own delivery trucks has quite a few issues that will affect your business negatively in many ways.  Switch over to a freight broker and you will avoid these issues with ease.