Air Transportation Around Australia: Is it Worth It?

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What mode of transport would you use to transport your goods? This is a question that you and your freight broker have to answer when you work in tandem. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, and one of the most popular ones is the choice of air transportation. But with many people there comes a follow-up question: is it worth it? 

Naturally, when referring to the air transport around Australia it is rather convenient to look at the potential benefits, risks and disadvantages that they might face. 

How quick is the service? 
If you want quick transport for your cargo, air transport is the best and the easiest way to do it. Normally the total duration of the process would take only 24-48 hours. But if you are really not in that much of a hurry then it is not worth to use this method - due to the high cost that comes with the service. 

How reliable is it for the long run?  
Air transport is considered one of the most reliable methods that products can be transported. Yes, there are occasions where the flights may get cancelled due to bad weather, mid-flight problems or technical issues. All transportation modes in the country will face similar problems, so it is not a unique issue to air transport. In fact, due to the strict procedure and nature of aviation providers, the chances of these issues arising are very slim. 

How safe are your goods? 
Safety of your goods is almost guaranteed since air transportation companies take a very careful approach to any potential hazards on the plane. In regards to the transportation itself, your goods will be secured throughout the whole trip. It is also worth mentioning that other modes will have higher risks of goods getting damaged compared to air transport, thanks to potential impacts it could face. So if you want to transport fragile stuff or technically softer equipment you might want to use air transportation. 

Conclusion: Is it worth it?
Well, this can only be answered by you. If you want a quick and safe way to transport your goods across the country, you will benefit from using air transportation. If you are worried about the price and are not in a hurry, then this is a big the no-no given it is the most expensive way to transport your goods. The size of the products, as well as the weight, are taken into consideration. There are also the factors of the fuel, route and the insurance cover. This is why air transport is the most costly of all transportation modes. But what you gain in return is the worth the expenditure.