Choosing the best pallets for your goods

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Pallets have become a crucial aspect in the transportation and freight industries. They are effective, efficient and without them, customers won't be able to keep their packages organised and safe. However, for a carrier and broker to manage the client's products, they have to look at a few key factors in choosing the right pallets to support their requests. Below are the questions that they will have to ask and answer. 

What type of product is being transported?

The most important thing to consider when choosing transporting pallets is the type of the goods the customer wants to transport. Depending on the kind of the products, the pallets will change. Brokers and carriers will determine the facts such as the weight of each package, the size of the goods when packed, the kind of material they are carrying and other factors into the equation to determine the number of pallets and which type of pallets you need. Wooden pallets are the best option in most of the cases when it comes to transporting edible items, plastic pallets might be the best choice.

Is the product hazardous in any way? 

Another factor to consider alongside the product is whether or not the product is harmful in any way. The reason that this is such an important point is that particular pallets (and additional measures) will be required to secure the package safely. Having a basic wood pallet might not protect the product compared to a metal one. This is an additional and important factor that the broker will look into, before passing this onto the carrier. 

What type of transport does the customer want? 

The decision on how to transport the product will gravely affect the selection of the pallet. Trucks, trains, ships, and planes all have different weight and space capacities, so the size of the pallet will be taken into account. They might have to select multiple pallets instead of one if it doesn't fit into the truck, or if the product is hazardous, it might only be taken by a train and this required another type of pallet. So when it comes to deciding on which pallet is best for your product, carriers and brokers also have to consider the mode of transport that the customers want or need.

This is why it is vital that brokers and carriers go through these factors carefully so they can decide what the best type of pallet to serve your purpose. For having a freight broker that can handle all types of requests, reach out to Freight Brokers Australia today.