Definition of a Freight Broker

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At Freight Broker Australia, we live and breathe freight. It is thus important for us to be able to define the term; freight broker, perfectly.  With better understanding comes better management, better services, improved compatibility and a lot of ease for both customer and employee.  A lot of people don’t know the exact duties of a freight broker.  They don’t understand the difference between freight brokers, freight companies, and freight agents.  This article explains the definition of a freight broker so everyone can understand the exact services they can enjoy when they use Freight Broker Australia as well as the benefits of using our superb services.

The definition of a Freight Broker

The key service a freight broker provides is acting as a middleman between different companies and suppliers.  The freight broker arranges for the transport of goods by matching available transportation agencies and transportation vehicles with specific shipments, loads or goods.  Some freight brokers are as small as a single person operating from home that only manages freight arrangements for a few small companies and individuals while others like Freight Broker Australia cater to more commercial and professional organisations. The freight broker is basically responsible for all freight arrangements.  These arrangements can include all the following;

  • Freight rate management.

  • Freight monitoring so customers will know exactly where their goods are.

  • Loading and unloading arrangements at specific times, locations, and dates.

  • Monthly reporting dashboards so clients can evaluate their goods.

  • Managed freight services.

  • Warehousing and storage while goods are being transported.

  • Compatibility arrangements to ensure that the cargo matches the transportation vehicle.

  • Arrangements between different freight and delivery services in order to generate the most affordable and highest quality delivery service.

  • Reduce the chances of freight delays.

  • Freight insurance to ensure the goods that are shipped between locations. 

  • Freight safety standard implementation to ensure the safety of cargo as well as employees or drivers.

The difference between a Freight Broker and Freight Agent

A freight agent is a much smaller entity in the freight sector.  Freight agents are international agents, working on a commission base and individually arrange the cargo and shipping of goods and loads between point A and point B.  Freight agents can also be licensed and they also the same basic tasks as freight brokers but on a much smaller scale and agents can operate for individuals as well as businesses where brokers like Freight Brokers Australia are business to business based.

The difference between a Freight Company and Freight Broker

A freight company, on the other hand, is the company that is in physical possession of a fleet of delivery vehicles.  These companies physically transport goods from point A to point B.  Freight brokers usually tender deliveries to several freight companies.  The best and most affordable freight delivery company is then used for the delivery of loads.  Freight brokers like ours will use several different freight companies for the transportation of loads because this enables us to reach far more destinations a lot quicker and we are capable of managing mass deliveries a lot quicker.  By using various freight companies for deliveries we are also able to dramatically reduce the cost involved in freight delivery, save heaps of time and improve delivery times.  

The services and benefits of a freight broker are incredibly vast and diverse.  Freight brokers are the ultimate middleman to choose for your shipments because our services are the ultimate secure and safe way to get your loads delivered to the right spot at the right time.