Four Things That Freight Brokers Love


Freight Brokers are just like any other workers: they have their likes and dislikes. Although, unless you're part of the industry, you won't know what these pet hates and loves are. As experts ourselves in the world of freight brokering, we are going to give a quick little insight into the things that freight brokers love which make their business easier - and by extension, make life easier for the carriers and customers. 

Direct & Respectful Partners – Freight brokers love when things run smoothly. For that to happen, they want to have their partners telling them straight. Having frank, direct and honest partners will ensure that the broker knows what to do from his end to keep things flowing and deliver as expected. If some tasks cannot be done as expected, the broker needs to hear it, so they can prepare for any situation. If you're a partner: be straight and upfront with your broker so that they understand what you want. Freight brokers love it.  

Confidence Inspiring Professionals – A broker makes a promise to one party that another party will do such and such a task within an X amount of time. Dispatchers and carriers that keep their end of the deal boost the broker’s reputation in an industry - and having a reliable reputation in this industry makes a big difference. Freight brokers love nothing more than a seamless transition with no problems or issues. They love it when carriers and operators work in tandem with them because, at the end of the day, they all look good. 

Communicative Carriers – The freight and transportation industries are a time conscious industry. Deliveries have to arrive on time. The broker will want to keep tabs where the freight is and if there are any hitches along the way. If the distribution is running late, the broker needs to know so that they can do damage control. Freight brokers love to know everything and love to be kept in communication. When people communicate with them openly, they can handle any problems that arise. 

Carriers That Offer Deals – Not only do businesses love deals, but the customer loves them too. So when a carrier can provide a deal, it gets passed down to the client. It has a flowing effective where everyone wins. None more so than the freight broker. 

Now that you have a fair idea on what freight brokers love at the workplace, your attention might be turning to what they dislike. We have another blog for this special case, titled "Four Things That Drive Freight Brokers Crazy". Click on the link to read it. If you are looking to experience the best in freight brokering, contact Freight Brokers Australia today.