Freight Management: DIY or Call an Expert?


No matter whether your supply chain is managed by you alone or you have employees to help you with your supply chain management strategy, there’s no avoiding the importance of a tight and efficient supply chain. Freight management plays an integral role in helping businesses of all sizes plan, organise, and implement the safe and efficient delivery of goods and products to and from suppliers, warehouses, or to market.

Unfortunately, many businesses often struggle with managing freight deliveries on their own, without the help of an experienced company specialising in efficient intermodal logistics such as Freightbroker Australia. Nevertheless, these businesses continue to manage often inefficient and costly freight solutions thinking that they’ll save a few dollars. In reality, a good freight management provider can effectively cut costs whilst improving business KPIs with regards to delivery reliability, quality, and therefore customer satisfaction.

Consider the following points when deciding whether to look for freight management solutions on your own or with the help of an expert:

Time is Money

Hiring employees to look after shipping and delivery of supplies and finished products can be a great investment, particularly for larger companies that can do more in-house than smaller businesses can afford to. Many small to medium-sized enterprises simply cannot afford to employ a team of procurement and logistics specialists and therefore stand to benefit most from allowing a reputable logistics company to perform this duty for them.


Rarely are business owners experts in tax, accounting, project management, finance, and human resources all at once, but a good business owner will be knowledgeable in these areas or hire a consultant to assist them where they’re lacking.

While it’s important for sole proprietors and small business owners to have a solid understanding of logistics and supply chain management, it’s unreasonable to be expected to be an expert in intermodal logistics and freight management. Besides, you should be running your business and doing what you do best. Let an expert handle this for you.


A responsible business owner should have a keen eye for all relevant costs of doing business. Freight management and transport costs can range up to a tenth of your revenue, so it’s not to be taken lightly. Logistics providers need to determine the most cost-effective, safe, timely, and efficient means of transporting goods and products across multiple modes, so their interests are aligned with yours.

Furthermore, their industry experience and professional knowledge of optimal routes and modes mean that you stand to benefit and reap savings by choosing a freight forwarder rather than spending your valuable resources trying to do it yourself.

Quality & Reliability

In today’s fast-paced world where next day deliveries have become commonplace for e-commerce and as such delivery quality and reliability are more important than ever for customers. Handling freight management with anything less than a reputable provider can quickly lead to customer complaints and subsequent criticism and negative online reviews.

Freight management does not simply consist of moving goods and products from one place to another. Doing so in a safe and efficient manner are also important considerations. Get your goods delivered safely and in great condition by selecting a quality freight management company to look after your logistics.

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