How Freightbroker Australia Helps B2B Transport

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It would be uninformed to state that business to business transport is just like business to customer transport - and also completely wrong. The demands of both B2B and B2C have changed drastically in recent years and decades due to technology, supply chain optimisation, and general trends in global trade.

Freightbroker Australia is proud to provide quality B2B options connecting businesses to businesses across our vast interstate motorway network in a safe and efficient matter. But how?

Results-Based and Smart Technology Approaches

One needs only to look at the case of BMW’s factory in Dingolfing (near Munich), Germany. Suppliers such as Continental in nearby Regensburg consistently arrive in 15 minute intervals with exactly the right car seats and tyres for BMW’s customers who can fully customise their car order online until basically the last minute. How the heck do they pull that off?

Part of the answer is that they’ve developed an acute sense of control over their logistics, but the other part is that they’ve relinquished much of that control through trusting relationships and smart data-based and results-based order fulfilment software so that all suppliers know exactly what to manufacture and ship.

Your business can achieve a lot by adopting such a model of trust with suppliers by giving them clear and consistent order information. Freightbroker Australia excels at bridging the gap by finding the best possible carriers to fulfil the needs of both you and your supplier to maintain and foster healthy, trusting business relationships.

Where is B2B Going?

International businesses may have scaled up quite a bit to reach global audiences, but funnily enough many of their logistics and supply chain strategies have been minimised and tightened. Gone are the days for most businesses to rely on a handful of suppliers for everything they carry. Instead, they’ve gone one of two ways:

  1. Large international corporations such as Woolworths, Coles, and others have turned to developing their own fleet of logistics, so everything’s in-house now.

  2. Many other businesses have streamlined their supply chains such that key products follow an ABC/XYZ approach for ordering and procurement. These deliveries come from a wide range of specialised suppliers or manufacturers. Freightbroker Australia can optimise these types of deliveries for your business to ensure prompt, consistent deliveries across our great nation.

How Does Freightbroker Australia Fit in the Picture?

The world of global logistics is rapidly changing and evolving, and so too are the demands of businesses with regards to B2B transport. Since shipping is a major cost driver that you should be accounting for in your product costs and suppliers or downstream merchants may be quite fixed on a certain price, cutting corners simply isn’t an option.

Instead, find a better way of optimising your business freight transport by turning to a reputable brokerage such as Freightbroker Australia. Our logistics team can organise and arrange for the safe and efficient transport of your product across Australia and drive down landed product costs thanks to our well-developed network of carriers and our focus on using modern technology to optimise deliveries.

Freightbroker Australia

Shipping products across states and territories in Australia can be rather complex and time-consuming. Get in touch with us at Freightbroker Australia today to learn how we can help arrange for ideal B2B logistics.