How Freightbroker Australia Helps with Medical Logistics


Freightbroker Australia provides logistical freight solutions which include the delivery of essential goods and products in good times and bad. As of July 2020, restrictions on which states are permitting travellers from other states and territories and which have limited or shut off travel is looking to be a dog’s breakfast. One thing is clear, however: Victoria is essentially blocked off from the rest of the country.

July 2020 has been nothing less than a tremendous challenge not only in Victoria, but the whole of Australia. On 19 July 2020, the Victoria Government updated restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic within Melbourne and Mitchell Shire so that anyone in these areas must wear a face covering at all times. Moreover, strict lockdown is in effect with mobility strictly limited to the most basic of activities.

How is Interstate Travel Affected?

In short, interstate travel is off-limits. Restrictions and outright border closures have been implemented, such as in Western Australia, where only those carrying an exemption may enter. Stay informed with government updates regarding the progress of the lockdown before planning any travel.

Intrastate travel faces a different problem: the nature of travel. Travel for work or study (if impossible at home), for example, are permitted during the lockdown. If you’re in Melbourne, it’s best to avoid travel altogether unless it’s for the above-mentioned activities or to purchase necessities such as food.

Medical Logistics

As of July 2020, Victoria is by far the epicentre of Australia’s COVID-19 pandemic with 7,125 new cases (as of 24 July). As hospitalisations rise and the strain increases on our medical system to cope with the spike in cases, medical logistics and the shipment of essential medical equipment and services is a major area of focus for Freightbroker Australia.

Medical supplies aren’t only important for those working in healthcare, however. Your business should also be committed to maintaining safety and hygiene for employees and the public. This could include the provision of facemasks and hand sanitiser, for example. 

Safe and Secure Logistics Solutions

Our approach to medical logistics is strongly emphasised by the urgency of this pandemic, so you can rest assured that our operational processes are performed safely and securely. The managerial component to our work reflects this as well, with topics such as scheduling, order booking, and handling the freight itself is performed with the utmost professionalism.

Everyone Has a Role to Fill

In good times, Freightbroker Australia provides logistics solutions for seemingly infinite types of goods and products that help manufacturers produce and retailers keep their shelves stocked in our free economy.

During the coronavirus pandemic, however, logistics plays in integral role by providing timely, safe, and consistent deliveries to industries in dire need, such as those shipping medical equipment or supplies.

During these difficult times, every member of society has a role to fill, no matter how seemingly small, in reducing the spread of this terrible contagion. Logistics providers are keenly aware of the struggles many may be facing and Freightbroker Australia is working hard to maintain supply lines within Victoria even when all borders have been closed off.

Freightbroker Australia

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