How Our Better Reporting and Data Systems Benefit Your Business


One of the leading reasons most businesses prefer to use Freight Broker Australia is due to the fact that we have such terrific reporting and data systems. The modern systems we use benefits all of our customers, carriers and even your customers tremendously. Here are the top ways our superior reporting and data systems will benefit your business when you switch over to Freight Broker Australia.

Easy Freight Rate Viewing

Getting accurate freight rate estimation is quite frustrating when you handle your own deliveries. You have to get lots of quotes from different carriers, warehouses and personnel, compare these quotations, and negotiate the best deals and more before you can even start arranging your shipments. At Freight Broker Australia we handle all of the freight negotiations and arrangements for you and you can view exactly what our freight services will with a single glance.

More Affordable Freight Solutions

Our superior data systems enable us to arrange the most affordable freight bookings with available carriers at the drop of a hat. This enables us to provide you with the most affordable freight rates and saves your company a lot of money on freight services.

24-Hour Customer Service Available

Communication channels at Freight Broker Australia are always open thanks to leading software that eases communication throughout the networks. You can direct your requests or inquiries to our offices at any hour of the day, night or week.

Easy Freight Management

Our modern data systems enable us to take care of all of your freight duties on your behalf. You simply direct your freight duties to us and we will arrange everything from the pickup to the carriers to warehousing to freight divisions to delivery for you. The only freight managing you need to take care of is to make your sales and book your deliveries.

Save You Plenty Of Time

We save you plenty of time because you don’t have to lift a finger to get your products delivered. You also don’t have to call carriers to see how your cargo is doing or handling arrangements. We will give you automatic feedback so you never have to spend time on arrangements or calls to find out where your freight is.

Always Know Exactly Where Your Freight Is

Our reporting systems notify you automatically on the whereabouts of your products. You will know exactly when items are picked up, checked in at certain carriers or warehouses, shipped between different states when delivery is expected and much more.

Reduce the Chances of Stolen or Lost Cargo

Our modern reporting and data systems give us instant information on the exact location of your items and we know the names of everyone responsible for handling goods in transition. These proper tracking systems reduce the chances of lost or stolen cargo so your business can enjoy a reputation of being reliable.

Easy Freight Scheduling

Booking freights just couldn’t be easier. Simply give us a call and we will take care of all the rest. We will arrange the carriers, warehousing, pickups, deliveries, documentation and anything else that needs to be taken care of in your company.

Enjoy Comprehensive Monthly Reporting Dashboards

Our digital dashboards make it incredibly easy to see exactly how much cargo you are sending, where your cargo is heading when items are shipped or delivered and what your freight rates were. This makes it easy to keep track of freight costs and gives your business valuable information on delivery durations so you can design a sound structure and create a business that meets their promises.


Freight Broker Australia benefits your business tremendously in various ways just because we use modern reporting and data systems. If you want to enjoy these benefits then we suggest you get on board and start using our freight services immediately.