How to Add Value in a Customer’s Freight Order

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The freight business is continuously growing which means that the number of freight brokers is growing too. For customers, getting their order from spot A to spot B is what matters to them. But as a broker, you have limited leeway in matters of price, so this leaves you looking for that extra value that can help you stand out from your competition. 

So how do you add value to a customer’s order? We break down how we can provide our clients with that added "extra". 

Transparency – Customers will need to know: ‘How much will it cost me to get me to get my goods to Point X from Point Y?’ Being able to provide a fair and honest answer - that is reflective of the market rate - will help establish the broker as an honest broker.  

Have Several Solutions – A good freight broker will give a comprehensive solution that covers several modes of transport: rail, road, air, and ship. This takes away the need for the customer to deal with multiple brokers for the same freight. Customers who know they can get a one-stop solution will always keep coming back.

Good Communication – The customer will always need to know, ‘Where is cargo at the moment?’. Good communication with the customer inspires confidence. If the freight is running two days late, the customer needs to know to make the necessary adjustments. Communication ensures seamless operations for everyone involved in the chain.

Delivering On Special Requests – Freight delivery is time critical. If a customer says the delivery needs to be made in two days’ time, yours is not to ask why but to find out how to deliver the request. Providing that little extra help for clients shows that you are willing to go the distance for them. 

Price Value For Repeat Customers – In any industry, retaining customers is essential. The same applies for clients of freight brokers. By continuous offering deals, customers will find value in coming back if they get value for money. A broker that saves them money makes their business more lucrative.

That Marketable Information – If a new customer is trying to break into a market, for example, a little market information on that target area could be very helpful to the customer. The more in-depth the customer knows about the market, the better he can operate. And the customer will be thankful to the broker for providing that information. 

If you are looking for a freight broker that is going to provide you with that extra value, contact Freight Brokers Australia today.