Key Questions That Freight Brokers Will Need Answered About Your Business

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So the time has come for you to speak to a freight broker. This is a giant step for your business, as a freight broker will have a positive impact on your operations. However, before anything else, you have to speak to them - and this is where you have to be prepared. 

Freight brokers need to know the following information if they are going to deliver the best for your business. So when you talk to a freight broker, expect to answer these questions: 

  • Tell me about your operation
    There is no place better to start than by explaining your business. Freight brokers need to know the main crux of your operations if you ever want to put them in good use. You should mention key factors like what your business produces, the industry it competes in and how it has remained competitive. 
  • What is your plan with us?
    This is where you disclose to the freight broker about your long-term plans and why you are seeking to hire them. In order for them to generate any structured plan about your operation they need to know why you need their services. So explain to them openly what enterprise’s objectives are down the line. 
  • What are your main priorities while moving your freight?
    This might seem like you are discussing your plans again, but this is more focused on the key priorities that you are looking for in moving your product. Are you looking for a better price, quicker route or more? Disclosing this will help the broker understand what they need to achieve for your business. 
  • How do you currently transport your goods?
    Now, we move onto the real nitty-gritty. You should disclose how you are moving your products into your markets. Brokers need to know what you are currently doing, so they can assess it and make a better option for you. You should provide them with all the key information including current routes, markets and locations that you are transporting your goods. You should also mention if your product is hazardous in any way that you need extra cover or protection during transportation. 
  • What are your biggest shipping issues to date?
    Alright, now it is time to highlight why you are having problems with your current transportation methods. What are the issues that are driving you to lose money and try to change things up? This is vitally important for the broker, so they can understand what went wrong the first time and ensure it doesn’t happen with them. The information you provide will go a long way to guaranteeing that you don’t face these problems again. 

Now, the questions we mentioned are just some of the most common that freight brokers ask. Be prepared that they might more as the relationship goes on. We do hope that these questions have helped you. If you would like to speak to Freight Brokers Australia today, then give us a call!