Negotiate Your Way to Cheaper Freight with Freight Broker Australia


Did you know that Freight Broker Australia offers personalised services? Well, we do and our custom fit services make it much easier for you to negotiate your way to cheaper freight deals.

Your company, like all other businesses, is probably constantly seeking out new ways to cut back on expenses without affecting service delivery and product quality. At Freight Broker Australia we understand just how tough it can be to keep your running costs to a bare minimum so your company can grow and prosper. That is exactly why we work closely together with our customers to find the most affordable freight solutions that enable you to save more when you are dispatching your products down your supply chain. 

We make it possible and easy to negotiate your way to cheaper freight in the following ways:

Consider Merged Shipping

One of the best ways to cut back on transportation cost is by allowing merged shipping. When you are sending items a long way, you can allow us to combine shipments so we can transport your products a lot more affordable. This is especially a good solution for sending smaller shipments more frequently. 

Get Access to Low Freight Networks

Freight Broker Australia has been developing trusted relationships and networks across the country for more than 30 years. Over the years, we have been able to identify the best carriers that offer the most affordable rates. When you use our services, you instantly become part of our low freight network which enables you to save more on deliveries. 

Let Us Handle Negotiations

We can handle your freight negotiations for you and get a much lower rate, the same way you can bargain a lower deal with a friend or family member for something you might want. We can negotiate with various transportation and freight companies thanks to our pristine reputation and our long-standing relationship with these logistics companies and the chances of getting a better deal is much better than when you would go and negotiate on your own. 

Our Experience Saves You Money

We know exactly where all the pitfalls in the logistics industry are and can easily avoid these pitfalls so you won’t ever have to cover unexpected bills or deal with unexpected errors while your goods are being delivered. This can save you a lot of money on your deliveries in general. 

Only Pay for What You Need

When you use individual carriers, you often have to pay the full transportation amount no matter how small your shipment might be. Our networks are extensive and spread across Australia. We are constantly handling commercial freights for various companies which enable us to send your products much more frequently at a much lower rate than you can possibly arrange all on your own. This also makes it possible to pay for only the transportation quantities you need instead of having to pay for an entire truck or container when you only need a small shipment delivered. 

Negotiate Your Shipping Medium for a Lower Rate

Some shipping mediums are a lot more affordable than others. A good example is air shipments compared to sea shipments. Give our offices a call and find out if you could save more money by switching over to a different shipping medium. This could be beneficial even if it means that your products might be in transition for a longer period. 

With our tailor-fit services, there is always a way to cut back on your freight cost. If you need to find a more affordable transportation solution then give our offices a call and we will take over negotiations and create a much better and more affordable logistics strategy for you.