Reasons to Choose a Big Freight Broker Instead Of Going Small


With plenty of carriers and freight companies to choose from, it can be tough to choose the best possible solution for your business. New carriers and freight companies are often a lot cheaper with their transportation rates because they are still trying to break into the market. These smaller firms may be an enticing solution, but using a small freight company can cost you dearly in the long-run. Here are a few good reasons to choose a larger, experienced freight broker instead of going small.

Decreased Cargo Risk

One of the biggest reasons to go big when you are distributing goods is so you can decrease the risk of getting your goods shipped. So many things can go wrong when goods are in transit. Road accidents, theft, and confusion are just a few of the many problems that can affect even the best of carriers. Established freight brokers already have good relationships with trusted carriers, they already have established networks, and insurance can be taken out on all transported goods. All of these elements greatly reduce the risk of losing your products.

You Can Leverage Buying Power

The ability to transport products to your customers can have a huge impact on the success and growth rate of your business. An established freight broker has a vast and secure network which means you can fully leverage their buying power all over Australia. There is no need for you to only market locally and you never have to say no to prospective customers.

Save Money On Your Cargo

At Freight Broker Australia, we are frequently working on new ways to save money on transportation. Our cost savings audit enables us to provide customers with the fastest carriers, the quickest scheduled routes, the best packaging solutions, and we can even assist you with packaging and loading operations, all of which can help you save cost on transportation.

Cloud-Based Communication

Plenty of businesses rely on frequent cargo updates in order to keep customers informed and satisfied. Our freight brokers use the latest cloud-based communication platforms, which gives our customers access to the exact whereabouts of their goods. They also have the ability to communicate directly with the various freight carriers, so they can get information when they need it.

Shipping Expertise

When you select a freight broker, you are tapping into a company with extensive expertise in freight. We are highly experienced and have the ability to transport any type of product to any location with ease.

Greater Flexibility

Freight brokers have several techniques that reduce transportation costs and speed up the transportation of products. This gives businesses a lot more flexibility since they can send shipments to supply chains at different times without having to pay significantly more for these specialised shipments.

More Scalability

Businesses can grow and expand as much as they like when they use a flexible freight broker like ours. You will never be restricted in your transportation cargo no matter how many products you send and no matter how far your products need to be transported. Our network is incredibly vast, which opens plenty of doors for businesses of all sizes.


Plenty of companies rely on specific pickup and delivery dates in order to keep customers satisfied and to keep their businesses operational. When you choose a small cargo company, you don’t get as much reliability as with a large freight company. Goods can end up being terribly late on a regular basis. Using the best of the best will reflect on your business and will certainly make a huge difference in how your customers view your business. A good freight broker like ours gives your business the most cost effective transportation rates, the best service, and the most opportunity to grow and prosper.