Should I Use A Freight Broker For Medical Logistics & Transport

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Most logistics workers have a tendency to be rough on cargo. They are pressed for time and often overload trucks or do what they can to get their cargo delivered within a specific time frame. As a result, cargo is often handled roughly and arrives all dented, damaged, scratched or exposed to extreme heat upon arrival.

These types of handling flaws are not suitable for expensive medical equipment or delicate pharmaceutical products at all and can cost your medical industry a fortune or cause considerable damage to your brand and name. Most medical companies will attempt to do their own deliveries but this usually ends up costing your business a small fortune in transportation because maintaining your own freight department isn’t cheap.

So should you use a freight broker for medical logistics? The answer is yes – as long as you use a trusted freight company like ours. At Freight Broker Australia we have an alternative solution for you that will suit both your product and your budget so your medical industry can achieve a good balance and great security when it comes to distributing goods. Here are the top reasons our brokers are perfect for transporting your medical assets.

 We Offer a Personal Approach

This is probably one of the biggest reasons to choose Freight Broker Australia for medical logistics. Our company is dedicated to your needs and requirements. We pay special attention to your logistics requests and will assign your cargo through the safest channels so goods will be handled according to your exact instruction.

 We Are Experienced In Fragile Medical Logistics

Freight Broker Australia has been operational for over 30 years and in this time we have learned all the tricks and tips on keeping fragile and dangerous goods perfectly safe while in transition.

 We Have Dangerous Goods Transport Capabilities

We have extensive networks across Australia and as a result, have the capabilities to safely transport and facilitate medical goods along with their special needs.

We Pay Attention to Your Specific Instructions

Some medical goods such as pharmaceutical products should be handled with great care and should be transported at cool temperatures. Other medical products are incredibly fragile and vulnerable to vibrations and bumps. At Freight Broker Australia we will ensure that your products enjoy treatments.

according to your instructions. We will ensure that temperature sensitive items are kept cool, fragile items are secured properly and we can take great care of items that are sensitive to weight.

We Offer Competitive Rates

It shouldn’t cost you a fortune to get special care instructions for your cargo executed and when you use Freight Broker Australia it won’t. We are accustomed to personal requests and will get your items transported according to your needs while still offering competitive rates.

Our Freight Managers Take Full Control Over Your Sensitive Cargo

We have leading freight managers on our team that will take full control over your cargo. They will manage all arrangements, give instructions with regards to special care to all carriers and will ensure that your cargo stays right on track.

You Can Rely On A Timely Delivery

Medical equipment and products are the one type of products that shouldn’t be delivered late. We use the latest tracking and management technology and the best carriers for handling sensitive products and will ensure that your goods are delivered to medical facilities on time.

We Deliver Sensitive Goods Across Australia

Freight Broker Australia offers nation-wide logistics services. We can get medical goods delivered anywhere in Australia and will ensure the safety of your items whether they are on the road or kept in warehousing or storage.

If you use the right freight broker then transporting medical products and equipment becomes much safer than you would ever be able to transport it yourself. We have all the needed equipment and facilities for handling dangerous and sensitive products and can get your delicate medical equipment and products delivered safer and quicker.