The Difference Expertise Makes In Your Deliveries


Loading goods into your van and shipping them to your clients isn’t exactly rocket science. Any business can start an in-house delivery division to handle the shipment of goods. But there is a huge difference between in-house and third-party deliveries.  

More and more large retailers are starting to make use of third-party delivery systems such as Freight Broker Australia to take control of logistics because research has shown that an excellent delivery experience is essential for satisfying customers.  The big difference between in-house deliveries and third-party delivery systems is expertise.

Third-party delivery systems offer delivery services and results with which in-house carriers just cannot compete. Here is a quick look at the main differences expertise can make in your business deliveries.

1. A Huge Difference in Price

In In-house delivery systems, a carrier is responsible for shipping the goods of a single business. This usually results in a carrier that often travels long distances without a full load and carriers returning from their delivery locations empty-handed. The cost of these deliveries becomes very expensive since the loads are not shared. Businesses often try to compensate for the cost of deliveries by delaying shipments which have a huge impact on customer satisfaction. 

Hiring professionals to handle your freight management for you, on the other hand, deliver goods for several businesses which usually result in stocked loads as well as stocked carrier loads upon returning from specific locations. The loads are shared and the delivery rates are reduced significantly. 

2. Saves You Time

By outsourcing deliveries and logistics management to a freight broker, you save lots of time on freight management. The third-party delivery firm takes full control over all aspects of the delivery leaving your hands free.

3. Reduces Delivery Duration

Freight companies handle cargo for various businesses and are constantly travelling back and forth between locations. Packages are transported along logistic channels more frequently and as a result, reach their destination much quicker.

4. You Make Use of an Established Infrastructure

For in house deliveries you rely on a single carrier to get your packages delivered. In freight companies, the help of many carriers, freight handlers, warehouses and more are used to get your packages delivered on time.

5. You Don’t Have To Pay Extra Wages

When you create a delivery department you are not just liable for fuel and vehicle maintenance, you also need to pay your carrier a salary. When you work with freight management companies like a reliable, local freight broker, you only pay for your specific products and are not responsible for someone else’s salary.

6. Get the Best Logistics Advice

Expert freight companies are constantly working hard to reduce the cost of your deliveries, establish shorter and more efficient delivery routes and work hard to enhance your shipping experiences so your customers will be more satisfied. They offer the best advice to help you improve your business as much as possible.

7. Greater Customer Satisfaction 

Businesses that use expertise enjoy a much higher customer satisfaction rate because customers enjoy timely deliveries, they are always well informed on the status of their shipments, products arrive in great condition and they enjoy the lowest delivery rates.

Freight Risks Are Significantly Reduced

Experts know exactly how to keep track of parcels and to keep goods in transition perfectly safe. They also have a database of trustworthy and reliable carriers who will ensure that the products get delivered to their destination on time. With expertise, your freight risks are reduced to a bare minimum. 

Using an expert freight broker can make a huge difference in your deliveries. If your in-house delivery services are letting you down then it is time for you to make the switch to a professional freight broker.