The Key Difference Between A Freight Broker & Freight Forwarder.

In the wide and expansive world of freight businesses, there are a lot of people, roles and technical terms that any newcomer can get lost. One of the most common confusions is the difference between a freight broker and a freight forwarder. How can you tell the difference? We have them for you right below:

Freight Forwarder: 

In essence, a freight forwarder takes possession of a customer’s products. From there, they will organise and arrange both the storage and transportation of the customer’s products. In a way, they physically take control of the cargo and using their own carriers, they transport it from point A to B. They provide one direct service and offer, unlike a freight broker, which can manage a host of solutions. 

Freight Broker:

The key difference that comes between a freight broker and a freight forwarder is that while the forwarder will take possession of the products of its clients, a broker doesn’t. A freight broker works as a middleman between a customer and a transport company. They will never actually hold, store or physically transport the product. The key point here is that with their large network of connections, a freight broker can provide you with a host of transportation options and solutions. 

These are the key differences when it comes to freight broker and a freight forwarder. With this information, you will be able to find the right freight service for your product and your business requirements.