Three Characteristics That Freight Brokers Want In Transportation Companies

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Freight brokering is a job that involves loads of individual tasks to complete one job. Negotiating with different parties, getting price quotations, checking if everything is on schedule and maintaining excellent communication with all the parties are some of the tasks they have to handle. 

However out of all the parties to communicate it, one of the critical relationships that freight brokers need to establish and maintain is with transportation companies. Without them, they will be able unable to complete the objectives set by their customers. 

With this article, we will emphasise the three characteristics that freight brokers look for in relationships with transportation companies. 

Excellent Communication

A proper communication process can eliminate many issues and simplify the process. The stronger and more transparent the communication lines, the more efficient the process will be. This has to be a two-way street, where the all the critical information is shared between both parties. The information provided by transportation companies should be accurate, and realistic enough that expectations are met.  The result of excellent communication is an excellent service with fewer conflicts. 

Confident Drivers & Dispatchers 

Freight brokers frequently need assistance from drivers and dispatchers. So if you are a truck driver or a dispatcher, you should be open with the freight broker at all times. It will help the freight brokers know who is transporting and navigating the transportation route. If something goes wrong, the freight broker will need to act on the spot to get the process back on track, which is why they need open relationships with drivers and dispatchers. However, if everything flows correctly, it will ultimately create a win-win situation for all the three parties.

Keeping It To The Point

It is essential to realise that freight brokers are rushing most of the time. So they want transportation companies that explain things quickly and straight-to-the-point. They love it! This doesn’t mean, however, that transportation companies should omit crucial information; it is about summarising it promptly and efficiently so they can take decisive action to ensure is take on track. 

These are the three characteristics that freight brokers look for in a relationship with transportation companies. Contact Freight Brokers Australia today for your free quote.