Three Things That Drive Freight Brokers Crazy

Drive Freight Brokers

Freight Brokers are hard working people that are willing to go the distance to ensure that their client gets the best result. But just like other workers, freight brokers have certain things that drive them to the edge. It is these little things that brokers have to deal with regularly and ensure that everything is in tip-top shape. 

As we did for another blog, "Four Things That Freight Brokers Love", we are going to break down the little things that drive freight brokers crazy. 

Indecision – A broker will often have someone at the other end of the line waiting for an answer. The broker needs to know whether that particular load will be covered or not, or whether the client is happy with the service and so forth. These indecisions complicate the decision making process and wastes time. The broker will appreciate someone who can make a decision and stick to it; they want to have confidence in that person’s decision-making abilities. People that are indecisive drag down the process for brokers - and this affects the whole chain. 

Unnecessary Details – Time is money. The broker needs precise details of what needs to get where and by what time. Any other details are superfluous. So when it comes to providing brokers with information, always ensure that it is the vital stuff that they need. Anything else is a waste and takes up too much time. Freight brokers love fast and efficient work; anything that drags time is considered frustrating. 

Carriers Screwing Up – Things happen that are out of control, and it is the job for the broker to ensure that they sort it out. They understand that accidents and incidents happen. But what brokers can’t stand is when carriers are negligent. This can affect the whole process and then trickles down to the transportation of the customer’s order. Brokers love carriers that are effective and efficient. Anything else makes more drama for them. 

Now, while these little things don't seem like a big deal, because of the nature of the job, any action can have a trickle down effect that results in the whole process suffering. But luckily, experts like Freight Brokers Australia, know how to handle anything and deliver the perfect results for their clients. Feel free to contact us today for more information.