Tips for Transporting Dangerous Goods via Freight Brokers


There are not many carriers or even freight companies out there who are willing or capable of transporting fragile or dangerous goods. Luckily for you, Freight Broker Australia isn’t just a leading freight broker in the country, we are also fully equipped to handle these types of delicate or harmful goods.

What Are Dangerous Goods?

Dangerous goods are materials or items that contain hazardous properties. There are nine major categories for dangerous goods that include the following.

  • Explosives

  • Gases

  • Flammable Liquids

  • Flammable solids

  • Oxidizing substances

  • Toxic & infectious substances

  • Radioactive materials

  • Corrosives

  • Miscellaneous dangerous goods

Australian regulations are incredibly strict with regards to the transportation of these goods and logistics companies as well as suppliers of these goods do need to be packaged, labeled and shipped according to specific instructions. Each category of dangerous goods has its own set of rules and regulations that need to be abided by in order to transport these items safely and legally.

Identify the Type of Dangerous Goods You Have

The first step is to identify the category in which your dangerous goods fall so you or Freight Broker Australia can learn more about the transportation requirements and rules for these specific goods.

Speak To Our Logistics Team

We need to find out more about the type of dangerous goods you are transporting. Freight Broker Australia is proficient in handling various types of dangerous goods and we offer custom solutions to suit your exact need.  We have the ability to service our customer requests and can even assist in packaging these items. It is however important to first contact us in order to provide more information with the regards to the nature of these goods so we can find out if we have the needed resources, equipment, and trained carriers to handle your specific item.

Get a Quote

Before arranging your freight for dangerous goods you will have to get a quote. Freight Broker Australia assists in all freight management duties including negotiations with carriers. We will reach out to all of the carriers and packaging companies in our network that are equipped to handle dangerous goods and will then supply you with a full quote.

Give the Green Light

Once you accept our freight rates for your dangerous goods you need to confirm. Our freight team will then take care of all aspects of the freight on your behalf. We will ensure that dangerous goods are packaged according to regulations, we will delegate the shipment through the right shipping channels via suitable carriers, our freight brokers will handle storage and warehousing of these products for you and we will even schedule the pickup and delivery for these hazardous items for you.

Your Dangerous Goods Can be Fully Insured

All goods trusted into the care of Freight Broker Australia can be fully insured the moment these items are turned over into our care. Even dangerous goods and equipment can be fully insured and if anything does happen to your cargo while in our care, you will be compensated for damages as part of our FreightSafe Warranty.

Schedule Your Arrangements Early

A lot of planning and organizing goes into the handling of dangerous goods. It is always best to schedule your freight as early as possible so our freight workers can get to work at planning and arranging different services and so we can get the needed paperwork approved and ready for shipment. If you want to avoid delayed deliveries then it is best to reach out as early as possible.

We Welcome Your Enquiries

It is only natural to have plenty of questions with regards to the transportation of dangerous goods. We welcome you to contact our offices with any questions you may have with regards to our methods or services.

For the safest transportation of risky and dangerous goods, you can certainly rely on Freight Broker Australia. We are fully capable of handling all of your requests pertaining to the logistics of many types of hazardous products.