Top 5 Benefits of Using a Freight Broker

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A freight broker is someone who arranges freight shipping between a shipper and carrier on behalf of commercial clients - so you can focus on running your business. One of the biggest advantages of using freight brokers is that they add flexibility and value to your supply chain which becomes your competitive advantage.

This helps you keep your eye on what you do best and helps you stay competitive. You should consider using a freight broker to handle all your logistics and shipping functions unless shipping is your strong point. Here are other top five benefits of using a freight broker:

1.They Have the Expertise and Knowledge

Professional freight brokers are experts in shipping. By working with one, you gain first-hand access to their knowledge of real-world experiences and best practices.

In addition, they are up to date with technology and are experts when it comes to securing loads with pre-qualified carriers through their company.

This pre-existing relationship and industry expertise enable them to lock in lower rates than those that you’d receive as a one-off shipper.

2. You Develop a Partnership With Them

Using a freight broker allows them to put your interests first. They know that their success lies in your success.

They, therefore, work hard to ensure that your business succeeds and grows so they, too, can benefit.

3. They Save Resources, Time and Money

By using a freight broker, you save yourself from so much stress. You don’t have to spend money on a shipping department.

Plus, you won’t have to spend a dollar on training, invoices and audits. In addition, working with them allows you to reduce your investment in computers, equipment and buildings that you’d have to purchase if you were shipping on your own.

The connections they have saves you the hassle of looking for customers on your own. A freight broker can easily adjust to the size of your business to make it successful.

4. They’ve Got Business Relationships

Every certified freight broker has pre-existing business contacts. Coupled with their skills in shipping, they can be an asset to you if you capitalize on them.

They’re offering services to you as their customer, so they have the ability to offer lower shipping expenses and volume discounts.

What’s more, they can allow you to gain capacity to an internal shipping department that’s not easily available. If it’s available, you’ll have to pay a large amount of money for it.

5. They Keep You From Making Costly Mistake

Freight brokers understand the processes that need to be followed for a load to be successful. They are aware of the details that the carrier needs, the paperwork involved, for example bonding and insurance, the regulatory requirements that must be adhered to and the information that you need to provide.

One of the mistakes that they save you from is classifying products in the wrong manner during freight procurement. When the products are discovered to belong to a different freight class, the most likely penalty is higher delivered costs.

Brokers help you avoid this sticky situation by seeing to it that your shipping details are in order from the onset.

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