Top Tips for Unbreakable Freight - Crates, Cartons & Pallets

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There is always some risk involved in shipping and transportation of your goods.  Weather conditions, traffic conditions, and the driver’s skill all can affect your cargo.  The trip usually involves a lot of loading and unloading, a lot of shifting and bumping and terrible road accidents and obstacles all can affect the state of your goods when these cargo items finally arrive at the destination.  All the bumping, shuffling, moving and tumbling can cause a lot of damage to your cargo, especially if some of the items in packages are fragile in nature.  But there are some ways to make your freight and packages unbreakable.  Here are the best tips to secure your packages so you can reduce the risk involved in shipping.

Enhance the interior packaging

One of the first things you should do is to enhance the interior packaging.  With a stronger interior layer, you greatly reduce the chances of cargo damage during bumps and shuffles.  A few of the best products to secure packaging inside the shipping package include the following;

Reuse newspaper – Recycled newspaper in interior packaging is an eco-friendly and very affordable way to secure delicate shipment goods.  

Bubble wrap – This is the most commonly used shipping material.  Bubble wrap is available on huge rolls and can be used to secure just about any type of cargo.

Inflatable bags – If shipping boxes are too big then inflatable bags can be used to secure the items inside the box without contributing to excess weight that could affect your shipping fees. 

Foam – Foam sheets, pellets, and peanuts all can be used to create a barrier between the box and the shipment item.  Foam is lightweight and incredibly easy to use in packaging.

Tissue paper – For products that are not quite as delicate in nature you can consider tissue paper.  The tissue paper will protect the product from scraping and will settle the products tightly inside the box.  

Choose the right type of exterior packaging

Most freight companies, businesses, and organisations use cardboard packaging to ship goods. Cardboard is flexible, affordable and easy to use but it is hardly a sturdy solution.  Cardboard will basically just protect your goods from scratching but hardly provide any protection against shock and impact.  To create an unbreakable freight you can consider sturdier exterior packaging like the following;

Crates – Wooden crates and even plastic crates are a much more durable solution than cardboard boxes.  Plastic crates are easier to stack, and transport and is a lot stronger to protect your products.  Wooden crates are by far the best choice because wood is a completely renewable product and ultimately eco-friendly.  Wood also absorbs shock a lot better and gives your packages much more protection on trips.

Pallets – Wooden pallets are usually used to move a lot of crates or boxes at one time.  The cargo is tied to the pallets with straps or shrink wrap to keep these bulk packages from moving around.  When the cargo is stacked and secured onto the pallets the entire shipment is easily transported on and off shipment crates, trucks and other transportation vehicles with a forklift. Securing your packages onto pallets also makes your freight unbreakable because even more shock is absorbed thanks to the design of the pallets.

Investing in crates and pallets for your shipping can be expensive in the beginning but the good news is that these shipping exteriors can be reused for many years to come.  An alternative way to get great protection much more affordable is by investing in corrugated cardboard boxes.  These boxes are not as sturdy as crates but still provide a lot more protection against natural elements, bumps, and shifts on the trip.

With the right interior and exterior packaging, you can reduce the risks of your cargo a lot and enhance customer satisfaction while cutting back on unnecessary costs.