What Makes Freight Broker Australia An Industry Leader?


Freight Broker Australia is one of the country’s biggest and longest established freight broker company. Our business has a strong foundation and leads the market when it comes to comprehensive freight rates, excellent services and modern technology. But why choose our company over other freight services? Read on and find out.

We Have Extensive Experience

Experience counts. Freight Broker Australia was established over 30 years ago. Our business grew from a small startup to a larger and established company. In the 30 years we have been operational, we have developed a wealth of knowledge on the Australian freight marketplace, we have established vast networks with businesses all over Australia and our freight management systems have been fine-tuned to perfection.

We Have Extensive Relationships with Many Logistics Companies

Thanks to our vast connections across the country there is no service area we cannot reach. Freight Broker Australia has deep connections with many businesses that are part of the logistics industry.

Our Advanced Technology Sets Us Apart From the Rest

Our modern technology and freight management systems are a key reason Freight Broker Australia takes the lead in the freight industry. We use the best freight management systems that are integrated with most transport companies.

The modern software we use eases many of our tasks and services. Here are a few examples of the differences modern technology makes within our business.

  • We are able to identify the quickest and safest delivery routes

  • We have real time access to all available carriers

  • All systems are automated which greatly reduces costs and time

  • Manual data processing is eliminated which reduces the chances of mistakes

  • Our systems provide extensive tracking which helps to reduce theft and lost goods

  • Communication throughout the delivery route is enhanced

  • Our business can identify the most affordable ways to ship lots of cargo

  • Our customers can get goods transported down supply chains easily

We Offer Affordable Rates

Freight Broker Australia is affordable because we have a large freight spend across our customers, we use advanced software and we have access to many affordable shipping carriers.

We Only Handle Business To Business / Consumer Transactions

Shipping individual packages and cargo takes a lot of time and can be much more expensive to deliver. In order to provide our customers with affordable rates and quicker freight delivery times we focus mainly on businesses whom ship to other businesses or direct to consumers. When our focus is targeted towards a specific logistics sector we are able to provide much higher quality services.

Our Freight Managers Takes Care of All the Hard Work

Businesses love our services because we take full control of all freight management tasks and arrangements. With our teams handling all of your deliveries down your supply chain you can focus on running or expanding your company.

Our Services Are Reliable

Our vast connections and advanced reporting systems and data enable us to provide much more reliable services. The chances of letting our customers down when it comes to deliveries are very low. Many businesses choose Freight Broker Australia because they know that they can trust our business, our carriers and our word.

When you look at all of these services provided through the one company, it is clear why we take the lead here in Australia.  If you want to start using the best freight brokers in the country then we welcome you to give our offices a call right now. You certainly won’t be making a mistake if you choose to entrust our business with all of your deliveries.