The Factors To Consider For Manual Or Electric Pallet Jacks


When it comes to safely moving pallets around warehouses, the ports or on vehicles, having a pallet jack is vital. The question is: which pallet jack is best for you? 

There are two types available: manual and electric. Both modes have own characteristics and can be suitable to serve different occasions. Some situations demand speed, while other cases might demand easier operations. There are also other factors that come into equation and choosing one or the other can have different impacts on your workplace. That is why we have provided you with three key factors that transportation companies use to determine which is best for them - and how it might benefit your workplace: 

•The Size Of The Facility

In most of the cases, facilities in Australia with bigger capacity demands the service of electric pallet jacks. Using a manual pallet jack when you have to move loads long distance is a tiresome task. So, electric pallet jacks are the best solution for large facilities. On the other hand, manual pallet jacks are the best option to serve in a smaller facility. So depending on the size of your workplace, you should look to choose the best model for you. You can look at how transportation companies prepare to transport your goods and see how it can work for you. 

•The Amount Of Stacking Required 

Electric pallet jacks are the best option when it comes to stacking and lifting larger pallets in stacks. The simplicity and ease in which you can move around pallets and drop it off is vital if you need to do it quickly. Manual pallets jacks will take too much time and will cost plenty in manual labour, but if you keep reading, you will see why they are the better option in some capacity. 

•The Amount Of Money You Are Willing To Spend 

If you are planning a limited budget, you should definitely go for a manual pallet jack. Maintenance cost, repairs and replacements of electric jacks are going to be more expensive compared to manual jacks. Over the long run, electric jacks are going to cost you more to maintain and ensure that it works at its best. So, if you are running on a low budget, you should prefer manual pallet trucks. 

These factors are what you should consider when it comes to getting a pallet jack for your workplace. This is what transportation companies consider when they want to make their workplace effective and efficient; as well as freight brokers who need to add this into the logistics equation. If you would like more information on transporting your goods, then reach out to us. Freight Brokers Australia can help you with all your transportation mode, so contact us today